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C Std Coding

1.INTRODUCTIONThe goal of this standards document is to promote error free source code that is readable, usable, maintainable, and portable.  This guide defines a particular style, offers some justification for it, and presents examples where appropriate.
This guide is designed to serve as a reference for experienced library developers, and to acquaint new developers with the standard.
Each project may be segregated into functional phases, depending on customer requirements and development sequencing. 2.2.    C Language2.12.1 ANSI CAll code must be composed of valid ANSI C statements with no reliance on particular language constructs which might cause platform/compiler dependence. 3.3.    Naming conventions3.13.1 Program filesA 8.3 character file-name format can be used to name all program files.  Program files include:
Source files Header files           Naming source filesThe initial 8 characters for source files can  be made up as follows: <application name><module nam…