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Hackerrank CounterCode 2015 Campers

Problem Statement
Time is running out. You have a final match to play as a counter terrorist. You have N players each having a distinct ID from 1 to N. You have to choose some players on your team from these N players such that no two chosen players have consecutive numbers (as they tend to kill each other). Also you definitely have to choose some K players whose numbers are given. They are the snipers. Find the maximum number of players that you can choose.
Input Format
 The first line contains 2 space-separated integers, N and K, where N is the total number of players and K is the number of players that have to be definitely in the team (the snipers).
The second line contains

CounterCode 2015 ( Imba )

Problem Statement A DOTA game has N heroes, each with a distinct rank from [1..N]. In DOTA every formation is characterized as a permutation [1...N] of ranks of players.
A formation is Imba when the sum of ranks of every two consecutive players is less than or equal to (N+1). Given N, you are to print the lexicographically smallest permutation of ranks [1...N] that makes the formation Imba.
Input Format
The first line will contain an integer T, i.e. the number of the test cases followed by T lines, each containing the value of N.


CounterCode 2015

Degree of Dirtiness Problem Statement There are N toilets in a row indexed from 1 to N. At a time, 2 people enter the washroom. The degree of dirtiness of each toilet is 0 initially and it increases by 1 after it is used each time. The 1st person occupies the 1st toilet with the lowest degree of dirtiness moving from 1 to