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01-Hello World!

Let's get started with Ruby!
Go ahead and type the following code in the code-editor:
print "Hello HackerRank!!"
print "Hello HackerRank!!"

02-Everything is an Object

Everything is an object in Ruby. For instance, if you type
print self
in the code-editor, Ruby treats self as the object in which it is currently referred to.
print self

03-Object Methods

Each object in Ruby may have methods associated with it. To demonstrate this, we want you to print whether a number is even or odd. A number has aneven? method associated with it, which returns true or false based on the parity of the number.
Assuming a variable number is already defined, check whether a given numberis even or not.
Type in the code-editor
return number.even?

04-Object Method Parameters

A method may take zero or more parameters as input. To demonstrate this, we look at the asserts we use on HackerRank. Sometimes, we have to check whether a given number a is within the range b and c (where b  c, and both inclusive ).
Three variables ab, and c are already defined. Your task is to write code that checks whether a is within the range of b and c by calling the methodrange? (which we have defined for you as a method for this example) on aand passing b and c as arguments.
a.range?(b, c)
return a.range?(b, c)
a.range? b, c
return a.range? b, c
a.range? b, c


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