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         What is a data structure and which data structure is used for performing recursion?

         What is PUSH and POP features in data structures?

          Some more data structure interview questions

          What is a Queue and ad queue?

          What do you mean by matrix and algorithm?

Definition of OOPS

           What is a Class and explain an Abstraction?

           What is an object and explain inheritance?

            Knowledge of Polymorphism and manipulators plays an important role

            What are dimension tables and definition of Fact tables?

            What exactly the ETL process means in database system?

            Some more database interview questions

            What exactly is SQL and referential integrity?

            What is an RDBMS and Entity- Relationship Program?


                    Tell me about yourself

                    Your career goal

                    Your hobbies

                     They can even ask you about your family background- When they ask you about your family background, you need to be little clever. They do not prefer candidates with BUSINESS background. If your father is a businessman, make sure you are able to convince them that you are interested in working for them and you are not going to join your father’s business. Trust me, this is really a very important point you should keep in mind. Moreover, if you are the only child of your parents, please prepare yourself how you can convince them that being the only son/daughter wont
be an issue anytime.

                   Are you ready to handle a team under pressure? How would you manage your team

                   What will be your motto to motivate your team?

                   Do you get puzzled under pressure?

                   What is your biggest strength and weakness?

                    Tell us something about your biggest failure and achievement

                    Why this college and this stream?

                   Why Infosys?

                  What do you know about Infosys?

                  Why should Infosys hire you?

                   Do you have any query?


            What is favorite movie and song?

            Who is your favorite actor?

            Which kind of movie  you like to see?

            Your dream vacation spot?

            Your favorite cuisine?


             Difference between C and C++?

              What is null pointer?

              What are the 4 basics of OOP?

              What you mean by Object Relational DBMS?

              Structural difference between bitmap and b-tree index ?

              what is database Schema?

              what are the different levels of database schema?

              what is difference between foreign key and reference key ?

              Tell me about DSN?

              Difference between Clustered index and non clustered index ?  

             What is WPF and WCF?

             What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?  

             Tell how to check whether a linked list is circular.

              How can u increase the heap size in the memory?

              Why is it difficult to store linked list in an array?

              Different types of keys in SQL?

              Explain about Joins, Views, Normalization, Triggers?

              what is the difference between socket and session?

              What is a default gateway?

             Given an array of 1s and 0s arrange the 1s together and 0s together in a single scan of the array. Optimize the boundary conditions.

              Define Data Abstraction. What is its importance?

              Write a program to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable.

               Memory Allocation in C/C++

               What is virtual function and pure virtual function?


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