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Packing List

This list can be modified  according to one’s own needs. This list can also be used by anybody who will be staying in a hostel. This might be helpful to all joining various engineering/Medicine or any college for that matter and will be spending a couple of years in the hostel…far away from home.
Good Luck & get ready c'ze a lot of fun is awaiting!

The list is as follows:

1.      Clothing
1.1.   Shirt – Full & Half
1.2.   T-Shirts
1.3.   Jeans - 3
1.4.   Shorts - 3
1.5.   1 Kruta & Pyjama (Might be needed for some events,  just a personal chioce)
1.6.   Undergarments 
1.7.   Formal Trouser - 1
1.8.   Handkerchief – 4
1.9.   Napkin – 2
1.10.   Cotton towel – 1
1.11.   Socks – 3 Pairs
1.12.   Bedsheet – 2 with pillow cover
1.13.   Bedding – 1 (Mattress) buy Local
1.14.    Tracksuit – 1
1.15.  Blanket (According to location, take a thick one if its a cold region)
1.16 Pillow  (1 or 2 accordingly, local buying suggested)
1.17 Formals : Interviews for Internships (3rd Year) &Placements (4th Year) - that would include suit with/without matching trouser, shirt, Tie, shoes, socks, belt and knee length skirt for girls. [This is not immediate requirement, probably post 2nd year these should be thought of]

2.      Food Items:
2.1.   Namkeem
2.2.   Dabar Chaywanprash – Saves me from cold/cough
2.3.   Laddu – This is indeed a thing to look for when even canteen is closed and you plan to have a night out before exams/other occasions.
2.4.   Some Biscuits
2.5  Electric Kettle (Optional)- To Boil Water/Tea/Coffee [Note that Officially cooking is NOT ALLOWED in Hostel Rooms, it defeats the purpose of having Juice Center/Mess/Canteen]

3.      Documents (Original & Attested Photocopy)
3.1.   JEE Original Admit Card / Admit Card (if any) for which you are joining the college
3.2.   Acceptance Letter
3.3.   Offer Letter
3.4.   Class XII Mark sheet
3.5.   Class XII Passing Certificate
3.6.   Domicile Certificate
3.7.   (Add Others which are specified)
3.8. Plenty of Passport sized photographs [Needed for Temporary ID & SIM Card]
4.      Accessories & Sports
4.1.   Nail-Cutter
4.2.   Belt
4.3.   Cap
4.4.   Raincoat & Umbrella [Don’t ever lend it to your seniors; only do so after you know them].
4.5.   Specks (If you have them)
4.6.   Wrist Watch
4.7.   God Idol – If you plan to pray before dinner, I do so that’s why this is here.
4.8.   T.T Racket
4.9.   Squash Racket
4.10.  Badminton
4.11. Tennis Racket
4.12 A Backpack for traveling home [Size enough to carry clothes for a few days]
4.13 A big luggage back (with rollers preferred) - to pack things and head home after semester gets over :D
4.14 Needle and Thread Roll (one Black & one White the basics)
4.15 Washing Power, Soaps & Case to keep them
4.16 Deodorant / Perfume
4.17  Knife, Fork, some Plates & Saucer
4.18 Cloth Hanger
4.19 Sunglasses

5.      Footwear
5.1.   Sports Shoes – Running
5.2.   Slippers (Leather)
5.3.   Slippers (Bathroom)
5.4.   Sandals
5.5.   Liquid Polish
5.6.   Formal Black Shoes

6.      Stationary
6.1.   Bhagwat Gita – A religious book, I read this one on regular basis
6.2.   Notebooks
6.3.   Old JEE notes – a few, but generally I didn’t feel they were required
6.4.   Pencil Box
6.5.   Stapler
6.6.   Paper Pins
6.7.   Scissor
6.8.   Pen Stand
6.9.   Metallic Scale
6.10.  Highlighter
6.11. Tape
6.12. Fevicol & fevistick
6.13. Lock & Key (2 Pairs)
6.14. Some Rough Books
6.15 Bag - of course !

7.      Electronics
7.1.   Mobile Phone with Charger
7.2.   IPod with USB & Charger [Only required if your mobile phone doesn’t support MP3]
7.3.   Scientific Calculator [CASIO fx-991ES preferred Rs 850 in Delhi & Mumbai]
7.4.   Screw Driver with Tester
7.5.   Torch
7.6.   Study Table Lamp
7.7.   Camera [Only if you want to take pictures of our beautiful campus]
7.8.   Pen Drive [A Must – 4GB good enough]
7.9.   Laptop [preferred in 2nd semester/ 3rd semester will be the best option, but if you can be focused and not distract/waste time online, take it right in 1st semester ]
7.10 Hard Disk - For backup. All the Music/Movie folks would anyway buy this in a year or two to make collection of their favorites.
7.11 Clothing Iron [Optional]
7.12 Earphones [Optional]

8.      Bathroom
8.1.   Tooth Brush
8.2.   Toothpaste
8.3.   Tongue Cleaner
8.4.   A Carrying Case for above
8.5.   Soap Case
8.6.   Mouthwash
8.7. Handwash
8.8 Beard Trimmer [If needed]
8.9 Shaving Kit [If needed]

9.      Medicine Box Containing
9.1. Cotton
9.2. Dabur Pudin Hara (for Stomach ache, gas and indigestion)
9.2  Dentogel
9.2.   ORS
9.3.   Paracetamol/Crocin
9.4.   Amoxicillin
9.5.   Relispray – Muscular
9.6.   Relispray – Anticeptic
9.7.   Dettol
9.8.   Crape Bandage
9.9.   Soframicin – Antibacterial Cream
9.10.  Tiger Balm for Cold / Vicks Vapour up
9.11.  Iodex ( for Muscular pain )

Some Additional Items for Girls
1. Nail paints (if you apply)
2. Nail paint remover, if number 1 is essential
3. Hair Oil
4. Shampoo
5. Conditioner
6. Comb - Both thick and thin
7. A lot of rubber bands and clutchers
8. Moisturizer
9. Body lotion
10. Face wash
11. Loofa
12. Ezee washing liquid to wash woolens
13. Sanitary Napkins - buy in bulk if brand conscious
14. Shower Cap
15. Tissue Roll

Hope it Helps. Do leave your views about the list. Share it with others!!


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